Alex Snodgrass is the author and blogger behind The Defined Dish. Originally from Celina, Texas, she now resides in Dallas where she has popularized healthy and wholesome weeknight recipes.

In partnership with Cadillac, she’s taking a Culinary Road Trip to meet some of the most innovative chefs in the Lone Star State.

Chef Efren Sandoval, Kindling Texas Kitchen • Cibolo, Texas

For our final installment of the Culinary Road Trip, Alex meets with Efren Sandoval, the executive chef at Kindling Texas Kitchen. Chef Sandoval talks about his journey from Mexico to becoming an expert chef and managing dozens of people in fine dining restaurants in San Francisco. After 20 years in California, he and his family decided to move to the small town of Cibolo, Texas just outside of San Antonio for a slower pace.

Chef Christine Ha, The Blind Goat • Houston, Texas

In this installment, Alex meets with Christine Ha, the first blind contestant and winner on MasterChef and owner of The Blind Goat. Chef Ha talks about her ongoing journey to uncover the recipes of her mom’s home cooking.


Chef Philip Speer, Comedor • Austin, Texas

Philip Speer is the pastry chef and co-owner of Comedor, in Austin, Texas. For her second stop on her Culinary Road Trip, Alex meets with Chef Speer to talk about his own journey to build Comedor from the ground up.


Chef Nick Hurry, Paradiso • Dallas, Texas

At her first stop on her Culinary Road Trip, Alex visits Paradiso in Dallas to meet with Executive Chef Nick Hurry. Hurry discusses his journey to lead one of the trendiest restaurants in Dallas.


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