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The world comes out west expecting to see cowboys driving horses through the streets of downtown; pronghorn butting heads on windswept bluffs; the towering pinnacles of the Bighorn Mountains; and endless expanses of wild, open country. These are some of the fibers that have been stitched together over time to create the patchwork quilt of Sheridan’s identity, each part and parcel to the Wyoming experience. What you may not have been expecting when you came out west was a thriving, historic downtown district, with western allure, hospitality, and good graces to spare; a vibrant arts scene; bombastic craft culture; a robust festival and events calendar; and living history on every corner.

You will find all the rugged terrain you could ever dream about out here, but you’ll never find yourself lacking for the creature comforts of a modern Western city. Sure, you’ll see cowboys, and fellas who play cowboys on TV. You’ll also find events completely unique to our little corner of the world, an immersive arts scene, and the kind of folk who just might share their favorite fishing hole with a stranger passing through–maybe. 

A breathtaking vision of the New West, Sheridan is Wyoming’s emerald city. Historic downtown doors swing wide open to extend a warm hospitality as legendary as the icons and outlaws that once roamed these parts, while fabled history and dramatic mountain vistas meet Western graces and the serenity of wide-open spaces. Gaze at the neon signs lining Main Street in our historic downtown, embrace Native American history at the remarkable Brinton Museum, ride out into the ranches that dot the foothills and hike the endless canyons that bookend the Bighorns.

The Wyoming experience lives in every ponderosa pine, alpine lake, worn-out saddle and secret canyon in Sheridan County. Summit the legendary peaks of the Bighorn Mountains and test your mettle against the 60-mile Solitude Loop Trail, one of Wyoming’s finest multi-day hikes, or drive in to one of many easily-accessed campsites to kickstart a brand new outdoor adventure. Dine at one of our contemporary restaurants, and unwind on a patio with a pint of local liquid gold in hand (Sheridan is home to award-winning breweries and a family-owned distillery with 100-years of local heritage).

This is a place where cowboys convene over craft beer and coffee, where pronghorn spring over canvases colored with Indian paintbrush, and where the majestic peaks of northern Wyoming stand forever proud.

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