WildLife Partners is an imaginative company in wildlife conservation that brings together the desires of investors and conservationists alike. Their successful business model combines economic incentives with the goal of doing good for threatened wildlife worldwide.

WildLife Partners offers superior service, expertise, and credibility for investors interested in breeding exotic wildlife as a method of generating cash flow for their ranching operation. They are the largest breeder and broker of exotic wildlife in the United States. With more than $150,000,000 in transactions since 2016, and 2023 revenues exceeding $50,000,000, there is no company that can serve your exotic wildlife needs better than WildLife Partners.

Because of this, WildLife Partners has placed tens of thousands of animals on breeding facilities owned by their conservation partners and have established a proven approach that is supported by public zoos, nonprofit wildlife organizations, private ranches, nonprofit hunting advocacy groups, and most importantly investors. It is no secret that opinions run to extremes when discussing animals of any kind and how to protect them. These varying opinions sometimes result in conflict, arguments and attacks no matter the benefits or good intentions.

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WildLife Partners, as a wildlife conservationist, has listened to and evaluated all sides, and addressed concerns of all sensible parties related to this debate. The one undeniable reality is that wildlife continues to face significant challenges due to human encroachment, poaching, and illegal trade. These issues result in declining populations of countless species, and pose a constant threat of complete decimation of wildlife in every region of the world.

The most well-known methods of wildlife conservation in the past have included zoos open to the public, nonprofit organizations of many kinds, national parks, and commercial hunting concessions. Although these methods have been successful in varying degrees, they all come with an array of challenges. Despite being committed to conservation, poor public perception has created a movement that is focused on attacking both the zoo and hunting communities alike.

WildLife Partners has developed a sound method to conservation that tackles these concerns while also incorporating the principles of investing. By combining the positive aspects of various conservation approaches into one model and eliminating the criticisms and negative perceptions associated with them, WildLife Partners aims to create a sustainable solution. The foundation of the WildLife Partners is centered around private ownership of wildlife, supported by ample evidence demonstrating that when animals hold commercial value, individuals are motivated to go to great lengths to safeguard their survival. This correlation has been extensively documented throughout history.

WildLife Partners focuses on investing in wildlife conservation by breeding large herds of various species. They employ two primary methods to achieve this goal. With a substantial investor base committed to acquiring, housing, and promoting ethical breeding practices, they acquire exotic wildlife from ranches and zoos. These animals are then housed in one of their four ranches, spanning over 11,000 acres of large natural spaces that closely resemble their native habitats. The animals are encouraged to retain their wild instincts, developing natural social structures and maintaining a fear of humans. Although some animals may require hand-raising due to specific circumstances, the majority reside in a natural environment as nature intended.  

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“As our herds grow and successfully produce offspring, we sell them to other ranches and investors that have the exact same ambitions,” said Brian Gillroy, co-founder of WildLife Partners. “These people want to enjoy watching wildlife herds grow while at the same time producing cash flow for their ranch. We recognize that historically the only method private ranches had to generate revenue was through selling hunts. We have created a new and more enticing option. As their animals multiply, rather than inviting unwanted visitors on their ranch to harvest surplus stock, WildLife Partners will return to buy them alive.”

WildLife Partners offers landowners the opportunity to invest in wildlife conservation at no cost or risk. They will capture and purchase any animal the investor is willing to sell. Their motive is to meet unlimited demand from other ranchers and investors who want to participate in this model.

Investing in wildlife is not only appealing due to the ability to buy exotics and claim a 100% write-off (80% the first year) on the animal, but it also allows landowners to generate ongoing, residual income by selling offspring back to WildLife Partners.

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Additionally, the income from selling offspring is taxed as low as 15% as a long-term capital gain. Furthermore, all ranch improvements made, such as roads, barns, tanks, and fences, become tax deductible. It is a win-win for investors as well as the wildlife.

As a result of investing in and focusing on wildlife conservation efforts, this method has successfully achieved the goal of building substantial herds. This has led to the growth of wildlife numbers, making ranches eager to acquire stock as they line up for business opportunities. The result of this approval is that WildLife Partners has been met with support by the most cynical of critics. Zoos all over the country have welcomed them and are using them as an outlet for excess stock.

“We have taken in animals as zoos have run out of space. These include injured animals that are no longer suitable for public display and others that have been sterilized to prevent additional breeding,” explains Gilroy. “WildLife Partners has been classified as the most innovative and positive conservation model to have been developed and we believe that we have just scratched the surface.”

Courtesy of WildLife Partners

WildLife Partners goes above and beyond in facilitating investment in exotics while also contributing to wildlife preservation efforts. With their easy-to-use daily online auction on www.exoticauction.com, landowners can bid on a wide range of wildlife from the comfort of their own homes. Each day brings new opportunities to expand herds with rare and high-quality exotics. WildLife Partners guarantees full transparency and offers a 7-day warranty on all their animals, ensuring customer satisfaction. In addition, for those interested in species not featured in the daily auction, WildLife Partners has thousands of animals available at one of their four ranches. With WildLife Partners, investing in wildlife conservation has never been easier.

For more information and to register for educational events go to www.wildlifepartners.com, or check out new lots being added daily and bid with confidence at www.exoticauction.com and begin your journey in wildlife conservation. You can also call 1-866-377-3000 to inquire about additional exotics and investment opportunities.