This recipe is part of a sponsored content series produced in partnership between Texas Monthly and H-E-B highlighting H-E-B brand products that are made to be Texas favorites.

H-E-B has always been in the business of making sure customers bring home the best for their families at dinnertime. The H-E-B team continues that fine legacy with the development of delicious H-E-B Mi Tienda products comprised of Mexican cuisine favorites. Now, an authentic Mexican meal with quality ingredients is possible any night of the week.

Juan Alonso, H-E-B Regional Vice President, explains that the creation of the H-E-B Mi Tienda line is rooted in the desire to bring traditional, beloved Mexican flavors to all customers. A diverse and dynamic product line, H-E-B Mi Tienda encompasses everything from carne guisada to chorizo refried beans to crema to chamoy gummy candies. 

Alonso has been an H-E-B Partner for 25 years, and for much of that time he has worked on the H-E-B Mi Tienda brand. H-E-B Mi Tienda began as a store designed to serve the Hispanic community of Houston. A lot of research went into the development of the store before it opened—Alonso and his team spent time listening to communities all across Texas to ensure they were providing the experience customers were looking for. The Mi Tienda store’s vast popularity showed Alonso Texans were clamoring for authentic, traditional Mexican cuisine. He and his team realized they could share the Mi Tienda experience with all H-E-B customers across the state.

Alonso explains his team did their homework as they started developing the brand. “We spent a lot of time here in Texas and Mexico, learning about what the customer would like to have,” Alonso says, “and what we learned real quickly was, it’s gotta be authentic, and it’s gotta be traditional.”

Though H-E-B has always carried a large array of Mexican cuisine products, the H-E-B Mi Tienda product line is quintessentially H-E-B in the way it celebrates the traditional Mexican flavors and dishes that are beloved by Texans who appreciate their high-quality ingredients. With the extensive research and eye for detail used in developing the Mi Tienda stores, Alonso and his team have now brought the H-E-B Mi Tienda experience to H-E-B stores from Brownsville to Frisco.

A spread of Mi Tienda products for taco night.
H-E-B’s Mi Tienda line makes it possible to make memorable meals any night of the week.

Alonso uses tamales as an example. H-E-B has carried tamales in their Deli department for many years, but in introducing the H-E-B Mi Tienda line of tamales, every recipe was examined and perfected before it was given the Mi Tienda stamp of approval. “We’ve taken each individual item to a place where the product is authentic and very traditional,” Alonso says. “We really pride ourselves in high quality.”

This holiday season, customers can try the many varieties of tamales from the H-E-B Mi Tienda line. For a savory option, choose from pork, chicken, frijoles, and jalapeno and Oaxaca cheese. On the other side of the spectrum, pumpkin or cinnamon and cream cheese tamales can satisfy a sweet tooth.

Like all things at H-E-B, the H-E-B Mi Tienda product line is a result of the hard work of Partners like Alonso and his team. They traveled to Mexico, attempted and adjusted countless recipes, and conducted numerous focus group panels. Their effort ensures every item in the H-E-B Mi Tienda line is delicious, authentic, and evocative of the traditional Mexican cuisine H-E-B customers love.

The H-E-B Mi Tienda line consists of enough products to have a unique, authentic meal every night of the week, including drinks beforehand, dessert afterward, and the dish soap to clean up when the meal is done. Enjoy a variety of marinated chicken, beef, and pork—pair them with ready-to-cook tortillas one night and baked tostadas the next. Or sample the many flavors of tamales, both savory and sweet. With H-E-B Mi Tienda Oaxaca, queso fresco, and panela, experience the authentic cheeses of Mexico. Snack on an assortment of chips, snack mixes, and seasoned peanuts, then wash it all down with select H-E-B Mi Tienda fruit nectars or soft drinks. After every meal, enjoy sweet, spicy, and tart flavored Mi Tienda candies. Cleanup is always easy with refreshing citrus-scented H-E-B Mi Tienda dish soap.

Tamales, taco meat, cheese, and more mexican cuisine from the H-E-B Mi Tienda product line.
The H-E-B Mi Tienda line is expanding all the time, so be sure to look out for what H-E-B Partners will dream up next.

Everyone has that one family recipe they remember grandma used to make, or the special dish that is forever associated with family gatherings and events. These meals are sometimes reserved for holidays or big occasions, as it is hard to find the time to produce these traditional specialties more frequently. Think of tamales at Christmas time, a big pot of beans for a neighborhood block party, or barbacoa on Sunday morning.

H-E-B’s Mi Tienda line makes it possible to make memorable meals any night of the week, without sacrificing authenticity or quality. The next time your family craves a spread with delicious Mexican rice, chorizo refried beans, freshly made tortillas, and bistec tacos, H-E-B has you covered. H-E-B Mi Tienda gets you from fridge to fiesta in minutes, with flavors that will have your family making new culinary memories.

The H-E-B Mi Tienda line is expanding all the time. Be sure to look out for what H-E-B Partners will dream up next—To Texas With Love.

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