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A Family’s Dream Mountain Home in El Paso

El Paso mountain home

Photographs by Casey Dunn

In their newlywed days in 2008, El Paso couple Jeremy and Heather Cuthbertson would spend Sundays driving around the city, dreaming of how they could remodel certain fixer-uppers or find a hard-to-come-by piece of land on which to build. At the time, they shared a 1920s cottage in El Paso’s historic Kern Place neighborhood, but they imagined themselves building an ultramodern home in Heather’s beloved hometown, where Jeremy moved after medical school and residency as an ophthalmologist. “It’s uncommon to see a lot for sale in El Paso, but one day we drove up a mountain and found this lot that was unlike anything we had ever seen,” she remembers. The couple, who now have two children, embarked on a five-year process from design to completion and moved into their mountaintop dream home in 2014. With its breathtaking views of Mexico and stone walls that were laid one rock at a time by a local mason, take a tour through this modern marvel of a family home.

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  • Alyssa Burgin

    I was all for it right up until the point where they just HAD to put in a pool. For crying out loud, you’re in the most arid environment in Texas. Ridiculous. And, oh, yeah, Lauren Smith Ford– the term utilized, rumpus room, is not newly coined. Not something they invented. In most parts of the U.S., rumpus rooms are in basements, that’s the only distinction. Most of the homes I visited when I was completing a preservation project in Elysburg, PA, had rumpus rooms. Not new or foreign in any way. Therefore, no quotation marks.