Although it doesn’t open until September 2, Carriqui, one of several new restaurants debuting at the Pearl complex next month, already has a storied past. The space is centered around a wooden house that was built in 1890 for German brewmaster Fritz Boehler, who ran it as a biergarten, saloon, boarding house, and general store, serving many employees of the nearby Pearl Brewery. A century later, it was known both as the home of the beloved Liberty Bar as well as the building with the distinct slant that it had developed over the years. In 2014, several years after the Liberty moved to its current location in King William Historic District, Silver Ventures, which had successfully developed the Pearl area, bought the building and began an ambitious rehabilitation and renovation that would stretch over eight years. (Read more about that painstaking preservation process here.)

To complement the structure and help turn it into a destination restaurant, the team added a second building and a large patio. Potluck Hospitality, recently spun off of Silver Ventures, aims to turn Carriqui into the highest-grossing restaurant in the state in just three years. Named after the green jay, called the carriquí de montaña, it will celebrate the cuisine of South Texas (the bird’s sole U.S. habitat). Here is a sneak peek at what visitors can expect.