Right now, thousands of craftspeople and designers across the state are working in their studios—from small ateliers to large workshops run by multigenerational families—with the goal of making beautiful items with soul, purpose, and a unique point of view. In assembling this year’s gift guide, we compiled fifty of our favorite products, the majority of them made in Texas—from custom jeans made on vintage sewing machines and modern geometric earrings that have received national attention to candlesticks created by a star of Fixer Upper. We’ve divided them into five categories:

For the Trendsetters

From colorful handbags and geometric earrings to custom jeans, Texas-made items never go out of style.


For the Hard-to-Please

Everyone has at least one person on their list who, well, is a challenge to shop for. Not only do they have it all, they have impeccable taste too. The secret is to look for something custom, limited edition, or aspirational.

For the Foodies and Fabulous Hosts

From Brenham barbecue to candlesticks designed by a Fixer Upper star in Waco, these gifts are guaranteed to secure you a repeat party invitation next year.


For the Little Ones and Furry Friends

Can the holidays be even more magical? With these items—most of them made in Texas—the answer is a resounding yes.


For Those Who Like to Take It Outside

It’s hard to go wrong with a Texas-made item designed with the outdoors in mind, whether it’s a practical hunting shirt or shoes that make hiking fun.