The thrill of the hunt, the glory of the find: antiquing is a rite of passage for any small-town tourist. In Texas, antique shops are as ubiquitous as the tchotchkes they hawk—and their wares are just as varied. Some spots specialize in quaint, rusted signage, while others contain high-priced quality furniture from another era. Certain stores have a high ratio of junk to treasure, while others carefully curate their wares. We’ve done the latter in the list below, which includes fifteen antique stores that are well worth your time and your road trip mileage.

But first, a pro tip from someone who spends her Sundays combing dusty aisles: draft a plan of action. Antique shops have a way of propagating within a town, so leave enough time to hit multiple shops. Pick a lunch spot to break up the treasure hunting. And finally, consider your haul. At large-scale fleas such as Canton and Round Top, it’s not uncommon for veteran hunters to roll up U-Hauls or trailers to ferret away their goods. While you may not require that much storage, you will want to consider how to get that mid-century modern desk or Victorian side table home. As ever, friends with trucks are good friends to have. Now get hunting.


For a full-kitsch moment: One of a Kind Unique Antiques

If you’re searching for a particular kind of sign—whether it’s one advertising old beer brands, gasoline companies, or parochial life wisdom—you’re sure to find it at One of a Kind Unique Antiques in Ballinger. In addition to a store, the “300,000 square inch” space feels like an experiential gallery—one that’s just fun to walk around in with your browsing beverage of choice.


For the French flea market feel: Urban Habitat

For an antique shopping experience with a certain je ne sais quoi, head to Urban Habitat, where original paintings and miniature statues sit beside gilded mirrors and frames. The look here is shabby chic meets Paris flea market, all conveniently located in East Texas rather than an ocean away. 


For a steal: AntiqUniques

Items at this Bulverde shop are as valuable as those found in higher-priced antique stores in nearby Fredericksburg. (Rumor has it that some Fredericksburg shops even source their inventories from here.) For high-value finds without the bachelorette party markup, shop AntiqUniques directly. 


For an eclectic selection: The Knot Hole

Antiques, yes, but the Knot Hole in Burnet also features an eclectic mix of newer items for resale, including quippy tees to go with your rustic, sassy sign. Just don’t go here if you’re on the hunt for furniture—you won’t find much. 


For quantity and quality: First Monday Trade Days

Once a month, on the weekend before the first Monday of the month, what’s billed as the world’s largest flea market coalesces in Canton in northeast Texas. There, thousands of vendors hawk antiques, collectibles, furniture, jewelry, and so much more—enough wares that anyone is bound to find something to take home, whether or not it requires a U-Haul. 


For high-quality mid-century modern furniture: Bonneville

From starburst clocks and fairy lamps to dinette sets and teak dressers, Bonneville offers decor and furniture from a very particular era of interior design. Stop here if you’re hunting for a find that wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Mad Men.


For a curated experience: The 8th Street Market

At the 8th Street Market, the antiques exist in situ, staged booth by booth to give you a real feel for how a giant leather high heel or a distressed wooden hutch might look in your own living room or bedroom. Bonus points: there’s a coffee shop inside for much-needed shopping fuel. 


For a day-long antiquing stopover: Gladewater Antique Mall

In 1995, the Texas Legislature named Gladewater the Antique Capital of East Texas. While the town of six thousand contains enough stores for a full day of shopping, the Gladewater Antique Mall is the center of the town’s antiquing universe, containing “masses” of figurines, collectibles, glassware, and more.


For a one-of-a-kind architectural piece: Discovery Architectural Antiques

Searching for a unique stained glass door front? Or perhaps your home is missing an intricately carved antique newel? Discovery Architectural Antiques specializes in the kind of large-scale, one-off pieces that give homes their character. Even if you’re not currently on the hunt for detailed doorknobs or door hinges, a trip to this spot might inspire your inner decorator. 

Round Top

For a one-stop shop: The Original Round Top Antiques Fair

No small-town antiquing guide would be complete without the tentpole of the state’s antiquing industry: the Original Round Top Antiques Fair. Though this market only occurs biannually,  the vast quantity of offerings, from thousands of vendors lining a eleven-plus-mile stretch, makes it well worth the wait. 


For antique housewares: Salado Antique Mall

Salado Antique Mall features an extensive selection of vintage cookware, dish sets, and Pyrex, as well as numerous art pieces, lamps, and vases. If you’re looking to stock your home with unique and colorful vintage finds, this Salado spot is the place to shop. 


For the thrill of the hunt: Texas Trails Antiques & Marketplace

Maybe you prefer to sift through antique-store detritus until your eyes land on that special something. Such a method certainly offers a thrill! You’ll be able to put that technique into practice at Texas Trails, where your next favorite piece is waiting amidst another man’s treasure. 

Outside Vintique Mall in Taylor.
Outside Vintique Mall in Taylor. Courtesy of Vintique Mall
Furniture and more.
Furniture and more. Courtesy of Vintique Mall

For a mix of old and older: Vintique Mall

Vintique Mall embraces all eras on the antique spectrum. Among its well-spaced stalls you’ll find the usual antique fare such as angel figurines and cross-stitched maxims, as well as retro, 1970s-era textiles, curtains, and towels; mid-century modern furniture; vintage clothing from various decades; and a large collection of vinyl. 


For high-end antiquing: Royal Passage Antiques & Gifts

Sometimes you’re looking for the real deal: curated, classic, and tasteful furniture and collectibles at which to throw a pretty penny. Royal Passage Antiques in Tyler contains all winners: towering grandfather clocks, nineteenth-century burled-wood dressers, and collections of porcelain and Japanese Imari.


For quirky finds: Gingerbread Antiques

An old-timey slot machine and a 1930s trumpet sit near an antique buffet and midcentury stereo console at this Waxahachie shop where quirk mixes with quaint. Have a funky antique you’d like to resell? Or a treasure you’re sure is worth beaucoup bucks? Gingerbread Antiques also offers free appraisals.