If you believe in such superstitions, the veil separating our world and the metaphysical one thins on Halloween. It’s an ideal time to conjure La Llorona, curse the Texas Lege, or otherwise generally dabble in the world of witchcraft and occult practices. But which candles to light, which potions to mix, which rituals to conduct? The following shops across the state, some of which have been in operation for decades, help newcomers to the world of esoteric ephemera navigate the curios cabinet—and they sell everything you’ll need to conjure your own spells or set a spooky atmosphere. 

Whether you’re seeking a new tarot deck, a psychic reading, healing herbs, or powerful crystals, these witchy Texas stores have you covered.


For cultural context: City Alchemist Witch Shop

This metaphysical shop located on Austin’s East Side is stocked with books, candles, crystals, powders, and occult ephemera needed for a range of rituals. You can also book a tarot reading or enroll in courses in Latin folk magic, Santa Muerte, Brazilian Kimbanda, and more for deeper context on the curios in the shop and their places in the spiritual practices of different cultures. 

Corpus Christi

For folk healing: Tex-Mex Curios

Established in 1944, Tex-Mex Curios is the grandfather of all the occult shops on this list. It’s run by a third generation of faith healers trained in the folk practice of curanderismo. As such, the store offers authentic healing rituals performed by curanderos—including limpias, which cleanse individuals of negative energy—and the preparation of las reliquias to help attract love and positivity. The store also sells the candles, herbs, and medicines used in such services. 


For herbal remedies: The Labyrinth

At Dallas’s “oldest witches shop,” in the Lower Greenville neighborhood, hundreds of healing herbs await their places in your next tincture or potion. For nearly three decades, the knowledgeable staff of the Labyrinth have incorporated sage, valerian root, and other such flora into candles and soaps that address customers’ aches and pains, whether physical or metaphysical.


To see the future: The Witchery

Step into Galveston’s the Witchery to shop candles, herbs, and tinctures or to browse a selection of books on alchemy, kabbalah, or Wicca. Then stick around to receive a psychic reading to divine what lies next on your spiritual path. Lined with vintage cabinets stuffed with curios, this shop evokes an ephemeral past even as it helps patrons look toward the future.


For wearable spirituality: The Magick Cauldron 

At 38 years old, the Magick Cauldron, in Montrose, has had decades to curate its unique blend of occultism. The store features decorative swords and a large selection of jewelry featuring powerful stones, as well as the usual candle, incense, and tarot-deck fare. And if you don’t want to head into Houston, you can also shop the Magick Cauldron’s wares at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

San Antonio

For spiritual services: Déjà Vu Esotérica 

In addition to offering divination and bath supplies, tumbled stones, and stationery, Déjà Vu Esotérica hosts a range of occult services, from tarot and palm readings to birth chart interpretations and couples’ astrology consults.  If you’re more of a tarot DIY-er, the San Antonio store also offers a variety of decks, including the classic 1909 deck, a Hieronymus Bosch deck, and an all-black deck. Browse them all, then choose the one that especially calls to you.