Music |
October 19, 2016

The Redneck Tenor

The acclaimed opera singer Jay Hunter Morris has traveled the globe, performing Wagner, Puccini, and Bizet. And yet he still feels like a hick from Paris, Texas.

Music |
July 31, 1997

Terrence McNally

One day when I was in the seventh grade at Christ the King School in Dallas, the Ursuline nun who taught our class dragged in a phonograph with 78 rpm records from the convent. She put on an album of Puccini love duets sung by Licia Albanese and James Milton.

Arts & Entertainment |
December 1, 1996

Susan Graham

“I play a lot of boys,” reports Susan Graham, a svelte but buxom mezzo-soprano. Schooled for opera’s mischievous “trouser” roles by climbing trees and toilet-papering houses while she grew up in Midland, the 36-year-old earned a master’s degree in music at Texas Tech University in Lubbock and went on to

Art |
September 30, 1996

Around the State

Mexico’s Ballet Folklórico steps lively (Dallas, Galveston, and San Antonio). Plus: the richness of Catalonian art (San Antonio); the brew-haha that is Oktoberfest (Fredericksburg); the keys to jazz piano (Austin, Houston, and San Antonio); and singing the praises of Gabriel García Márquez (Houston). Edited by Quita McMath, Erin Gromen, and

Arts & Entertainment |
July 31, 1996

Magic Johnson

From the Paris Bastille to a duet with Pavarotti to a PBS documentary: Amarillo’s resident opera star, Mary Jane Johnson, has had a career full of high notes, and she has savored every one of them.

Arts & Entertainment |
December 1, 1973

Opera Goes Public

The path to haute culture in Texas is regularly trodden by opera buffs in four cities. Although no La Scalia or Bayreuth, the opera companies of Texas are offering some unique and innovative productions.