Texas GOP

The Great Divide

Jun 20, 2016 By Erica Grieder

After this disorienting election season, what path is left for Texas conservatives? Who is leading the party? And what on earth to make of Donald Trump? A few insights from the state Republican convention.

Republican Civil War

Sep 30, 2013 By Paul Burka

How long can the Republican party endure the civil war that is raging between tea party conservatives and mainstream conservatives?

State GOP platform calls for “enforcement” of planks

Jun 24, 2010 By Paul Burka

This is another bad idea from Wayne Christian, who has no shortage of them: Require Republican candidates to support the party platform (which he was in charge of writing) or run the risk of retribution. Here are the provisions that seek to bind candidates to support the platform. The State…

Why Munisteri’s victory matters

Jun 14, 2010 By Paul Burka

Political parties have not been major players in recent Texas politics. The Democratic party apparatus is essentially a collection of major county chairs, and the Republican party hasn’t been a force since Fred Meyer was ousted as chairman. The election of Steve Munisteri as GOP chairman at the state convention…

Texas GOP uses Voter I.D. hearing to raise $$$

Mar 12, 2009 By Paul Burka

Here’s the e-mail, dated March 11: We expected and prepared for anything at yesterday’s Senate hearing on Voter ID legislation. Let me tell you — the liberal Democrats in Austin did not disappoint on that front. Hundreds of concerned Texans showed up as early as 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning…