WHO: Amarillo Burger King drive-thru employee Tina Hardy and customer Rebecca Boening.

WHAT: A fast food order that turned out to be a life-saver.

WHY IT’S SO GREAT: Generally speaking, Burger King isn’t the healthiest thing that you can have for lunch, and most of the time, a Coke and ice cream are at the bottom of the list of a doctor-recommended diet. But when you have diabetes and your blood sugar is getting dangerously low, a sweet infusion can keep you out of serious medical trouble.

Rebecca Boening, who has diabetes and a neurological pain disorder, felt the low-blood-sugar issue strike her as she was driving on I-40. She exited in order to hit a nearby Burger King, but as she began to order, she felt herself struggle—and Tina Hardy, who was working the drive-thru, recognized that something was wrong. Boening described what happened next on a Facebook post that quickly went viral:

Hardy was surprised by the reaction, according to KFDA—she didn’t think what she did was any big deal, or know that Boening was planning on sharing the photo on Facebook (“I thought she just wanted it for a memory,” she told the station). But the pair have embraced the attention that comes with the kindness—and ice cream–that Hardy shared with her drive-thru customer.

“Anybody that feels like doing a good deed or has the opportunity please do,” Hardy told KFDA, in an object lesson drawn from her own experience. “You don’t have to be rewarded for it, but if you feel it in your heart, do it.”