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Vote For Your Favorite Texas Football Icon in Our Gridiron Greats Bracket

NFL, college, retired, active players—we combined them all to find the one true Texas football icon.

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Texas football is the best of times and the worst of times all at once. Baylor and TCU are in the midst of remarkable seasons, while the Cowboys, Texans, and Longhorns are playing games some would prefer to forget. The University of Houston is undefeated, while A&M has experienced some disappointments on its way to a 6-2 record. In all, it’s just football, with highs and lows that are inevitable when following sports.

Nonetheless, the peaks of Texas football—when looked at through a historical lens—are awfully high. In order to determine what players in the history of the game are the best loved, we’ve created a bracket with 32 of the most fondly recalled names in the history of the game. We’ve pulled from both the NFL and college ball, featuring the iconic stars of the Cowboys, Texans, and Oilers, as well as the University of Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Christian University, Baylor, Texas Tech, and SMU. They’re arranged in four divisions—quarterbacks, running backs, defensive players, and other offensive players—and seeded by renown.

Check back at the Daily Post to vote for your favorite Texas football icons. It’ll be a welcome reminder in a year where only the fans of a few teams have much to celebrate that people like Staubach and Campbell, or John David Crow and Tommy Nobis, or Elvin Bethea and Jason Witten made Texas football the greatest in the country.

First round: Monday, November 9
Second round: Tuesday, November 10
Third round: Wednesday, November 11
Fourth round: Thursday, November 12
Final round: Friday, November 13 – November 15


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  • Jed

    no dan pastorini?

  • Clay

    Why no coaches? I would have said Tom Landry for the most Iconic figure in Texas football.

    • José

      Not to mention that Landry distinguished himself at Mission High School and the University of Texas before having a good pro career as a player.
      Jack Pardee comes to mind as well. Best known as a coach—his Oilers made the playoffs a few times—but his Texas connections run deeper. Six man football at Christoval and then surviving Bear Bryant’s workouts at A&M.

  • Kosmosis

    For real? Texas football icons and no Don Meredith?

  • Ashley Wilson

    No Drew Brees?

  • José

    Doak Walker. He and Bobby Layne must have been a sight playing together at Highland Park.

  • Jed

    the bracket results today look totally different than the matchups i voted on yesterday. the pairings have changed.

    for example, i voted for elvin bethea vs. randy white, and nobis vs. watt. the bracket today shows that watt beat bethea and white beat nobis. the choice i was given was between manziel and RGIII, between irvin and andre johnson, now manziel appears to have been pitted against aikman, RGIII lost to staubach, irvin beat kendall wright (who?) and johnson beat crabtree.

    what gives?

  • Kp2323

    This has Aggies written all over it. Crow over Williams? Putting Colt vs Vince in round 1? Be better.

    • Burt Burleson

      Aggy has never met an internet poll they couldn’t win.

  • Jed

    well that’s ruint.

  • Jed

    sure, jason witten is a greater football player than earl campbell.

  • When I saw this I thought, “well, that’s a nice idea, but silly since it’s pretty much no contest.” And then you didn’t even include the no-contest winner: James Street. Good grief. And no Laundry, Meredith, or Doak? No offense, but y’all seriously blew this, which is why so many didn’t participate and you have goofy things like Johnny Football coming out of a bracket. Only Aggies had so little of a life to have fun with this not-well-executed idea. smh

    • Jed

      i just voted for witten in the final. 6 times.

      i figure why should staubach get any props if earl campbell didn’t?

  • Chris Anderson

    UNT fans should riot! No “Mean” Joe Greene?!