What do feuding rappers and Texas’ favorite fast food chain have in common? They serve a lot of beef. And when Whataburger weighed in on a spat between hip-hop artists Drake and Meek Mill, the company proved that it serves you both on Twitter and in its restaurants.

Let’s back up for a second: The rappers began trading disses last week when Philadelphia-bred Meek Mill tweeted that Drake didn’t write his own songs. A few days later, the Canadian emcee fired back in a new track, “Back to Back” (which he presumably wrote), that debuted on Apple Music. Meek responded Thursday evening with his own track and was booed by the Internet for what many perceive as a, well, meek clap back.

Then Whataburger piled on by, much like they do with their fries, heaping salt on Meek’s wounds Friday, following their epic quality beef tweet with another viral food pun. In Drake’s diss song, he’s got this line: “Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers.” Here’s Whataburger’s version:

An opportunity for a beef joke would’ve been solid enough rationale, to be sure, but unlike their quasi-stance on Texas new open carry law, Whataburger didn’t reveal any justification for picking sides in the debate. And Whataburger’s allegiance to Drake didn’t begin Thursday — the burger joint has been blasting Meek Mill since last week.

Maybe Meek has a known allegiance to another fast food restaurant. Maybe the evil genius who runs Whataburger’s Twitter account is a huge Drake fan. Or maybe Whataburger just can’t resist jumping on an Internet trend.