Attention, readers who cherish gripping stories and want to see their favorite writers up close and in person: Texas Monthly is coming to a city near you (or near to your heart, at least). On May 22, we kick off our second season of Texas Monthly Live, a ninety-minute show performed in jewel-box theaters and performing arts venues across the state. Audiences will watch as beloved Texas Monthly articles are translated from the page to the stage.

Following the May show in Austin, other performances are slated for Houston (June 7), Brownsville (July 9), Dallas (November 8), and San Antonio (December 3).Tickets are available here.

Since we get a lot of questions about what exactly these shows are, and since we don’t release video of them anywhere (we want you to attend, after all), we figured we would answer a few of the most commonly asked questions, as well as offer a sneak peek at a few of the planned stories.

What is Texas Monthly Live?
It’s a live issue of the magazine, where writers read their stories, adapted for the stage, while images and videos show on a giant screen behind them. Each story is accompanied by an original score, performed live by our musical director Carrie Rodriguez. The stories range from poetic to sweet, hilarious to enlightening. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you can even get your burning barbecue questions answered.

Where do these take place?
We’ll be at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, the Cullen Theater in Houston, the Performing Arts Center at Texas Southmost College in Brownsville, the Bomb Factory in Dallas, and the Witte Museum in San Antonio.

Which writers will perform?
You’ll recognize many of the bylines from the magazine or website: Skip Hollandsworth, Mimi Swartz, Katy Vine, Michael Hall, Cat Cardenas, Pat Sharpe, David Courtney, Carlos Sanchez, and Daniel Vaughn, to name a few. You can see the full lineup here.

Which stories are going to be told?
Some are classics you may have read, and some are new pieces that haven’t yet appeared in the magazine or on the website. They range from personal essays, like Mimi Swartz’s recent reflection on her relationship with her father’s dog, to the story of Michael Hall’s 24-hour Gloriathon tribute to Austin’s Liberty Lunch, to an excerpt from a forthcoming novel by Oscar Casares. See others here.

How long does each story last?
They range from six to ten minutes in length.

Is there booze?
Yes, drinks are available at all the performances. We find nothing pairs better with a great story than a cold drink.

Will I get to meet the writers?
Most likely, yes. We want our subscribers, readers, and fans to tell us what they think of our stories. We’re proud of the journalism we do, and we are proud that you value it.

Is there a host?
Of course, and it’s none other than David Courtney, who writes the beloved Texanist column.

We hope you’ll come to show. We promise you won’t regret it.

For more information on Texas Monthly Live or to buy tickets, see here.