Jason Cohen

Senior editor Jason Cohen has written for Texas Monthly since 1995 (and texasmonthly.com since its very first iteration). His 1997 story “The Ice Bats Cometh,” about minor league hockey in Texas, was the basis of his book Zamboni Rodeo (Greystone Press, 2001). He also penned the magazine’s first-ever Matthew McConaughey story, in August 1996. The co-author of Generation Ecch! (Fireside Books, 1994) and co-editor of SXSW Scrapbook (Essex/University of Texas Press, 2011), he has also written for such publications as Rolling Stone, SPIN, Details, the Austin Chronicle, the Austin American-Statesman, Portland Monthly, and Cincinnati magazine. His 1995 Rolling Stone cover story on the band Hole prompted Courtney Love to yell at him from the stage at Lollapalooza in Austin, while his 2007 profile of the Portland strip club Mary’s won a Sex-Positive Journalism Award. As one of the two primary writers for the TM Daily Post, Cohen wrote approximately 500 stories for Texas Monthly in 2012. He has been a blogger since 2002 and been known to maintain as many as five Twitter accounts.


Outside versus Lance Armstrong

Instead of recycling tired rumors about Lance cheating, Outside’s Bill Gifford peers into Livestrong’s mission, budget, and commercial partnerships. 

Cormac McCarthy Pens First Major Original Script

The Counselor has already been optioned by the same producing team that adapted McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Road.

“RedState” Blogger Erick Erickson Tells Perry to Endorse Newt Gingrich

But the Perry campaign still says it’s “in for the long haul, folks!” UPDATED: Or not.

Is Japanese Baseball Star Yu Darvish on the Rangers Yet?

The Texas Rangers shelled out $51.7 million for the exclusive opportunity to sign the 25-year-old pitcher. Today, they either enter into the baseball convenant, or the Rangers get their money back. 

ICYMI VIDEO: “Sh*t Austinites Say”

Our politically correct, high-tech, hipster-laden, breakfast taco-loving, street-mispronouncing capital city is a late addition to the meme. 

New Poll Finds Even Texans Won’t Vote for Rick Perry

A Public Policy Polling survey shows that the governor would lose to Mitt Romney in his own state’s GOP presidential primary, most SMU fans wouldn’t vote for Craig James, and Newt Gingrich polls well with Aggies.

VIDEO: Ben Kweller Releases a YouTube Video with Jason Schwartzman, Snowboarder Shaun White

The Greenville native and current Austinite tries his hand at Internet comedy to promote his new album.

Your 2011 Houston Texans: Five Reasons Not to Grieve

The Texans lost to the Baltimore Ravens, but it was still the franchise’s best-ever season. And they’re still better than the Cowboys. 

Greyhound Bus Driver to Occupy Group: Get Off the Bus

A group of protestors—now known as the “Amarillo 13”—say a driver kicked them off of a Greyhound bus for being part of the Occupy movement.

Publicity-Savvy Legal Prostitutes at Moonlite Bunny Ranch Support Ron Paul

Nevada brothel owner Dennis Hof and his working girls are “pimpin” for the dark-horse Republican presidential candidate.

Taco-Related Crimes Are Surprisingly Unhilarious

Texas has five entries on Buzzfeed’s “30 Best Taco-Related Crimes Ever,” but the mere presence of tortillas doesn’t make crime funny. 

Don’t Mess With Dublin Dr Pepper

The end of Dublin Dr Pepper has Texas social media consumed with grief, outrage, and talk of boycotts.

And the U.S. Senate Race Is On!

The five Republican contenders vying to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison participate in the first Senate debate in Austin.

Newt’s History With Dallas Topless Bar Revisited

How a Dallas strip club helped create a pit bull rescue sanctuary in Newt Gingrich’s name. 

Dublin Dr Pepper Is Dead

The historic bottler’s settlement with Dr Pepper kills off a beloved Texas icon.