Katy Vine

Katy Vine joined the editorial staff of Texas Monthly in 1997 and became a staff writer in 2002. She has written on a range of topics, including the West fertilizer plant explosion, barbecue pitmasters, Warren Jeffs, the moon landing, the Kilgore Rangerettes, bass fishing, a three-person family circus, chess prodigies, and a reclusive musician named Jandek. Her stories have appeared in the Best American Sports Writing 2005, the Best American Sports Writing 2006, and Best Food Writing 2011. Her 2005 feature story about an Odessa prostitution parlor was the inspiration for the Lifetime television series The Client List. She has contributed to the Oxford American, the Texas Observer, and the radio program “This American Life.”



Auf Wiedersehen to a Dialect

When the local vernacular dies, what goes with it?

Act of Faith

Once a year, a San Antonio congregation relives Jesus’ last days—and leaves the cellphones at home.

West's One Remaining Florist Struggling to Keep Up With the Funerals

West, Texas, has two florists, but the fertilizer plant explosions forced one to temporarily shut down its business. That left Divine Designs responsible for creating sympathy arrangements for six funerals in one week.

Our Guide to Central Texas Barbecue

You can’t go home and tell your friends that you came to Central Texas and never ate any barbecue. It would be like going to SXSW and not listening to any music. But there are so many briskets and so little time! How do you sort it all out? No worries, here is our opinionated guide to the best of the best.

F1, Take One

Learning to love the foreign, overcharged, crowded, obsessive, and actually pretty exciting world of Texas’s newest major sport.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Files Action to Seize Warren Jeffs’s Ranch

What will happen to the fundamentalist Mormon compound? 

Barbecue Cook John Mueller Finds Himself in Another Tough Spot

The pitmaster at the well-regarded JMueller BBQ trailer in Austin was fired by his sister, who also filed a police report accusing him of theft. 

A Life at the Movies

The man behind the booth at the Ganado Theater.

Mother Knows Least

I was thrilled when my daughter began learning a second language at day care. But what was I supposed to do when my three-year-old started engaging in conversations I couldn’t understand?

Remembering Neil Armstrong

The famous astronaut was notoriously shy about granting interviews to the press, but in 2009 he answered a few questions sent to him by senior editor Katy Vine. Here is her unedited Q&A with Neil Armstrong.

Catching Up With the FLDS One Year After Warren Jeffs’ Conviction

Are the kids at the Yearning for Zion safe?

Girls Love Me

Austin Mahone is sixteen years old. He doesn’t have a record contract, a tour bus, or a backing band. But he does have more than 650,000 followers on Twitter and the email addresses of 2,000,000 fans. Meet San Antonio’s answer to Justin Bieber.

Historic Downtown Galveston

Historic downtown Galveston

Checking in with Samir Patel, Five-Time Scripps National Spelling Bee Contestant

Samir, now an 18-year-old college student, weighs in on this year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee.