Katy Vine

Katy Vine joined the editorial staff of Texas Monthly in 1997 and became a staff writer in 2002. She has written on a range of topics, including the West fertilizer plant explosion, barbecue pitmasters, Warren Jeffs, the moon landing, the Kilgore Rangerettes, bass fishing, a three-person family circus, chess prodigies, and a reclusive musician named Jandek. Her stories have appeared in the Best American Sports Writing 2005, the Best American Sports Writing 2006, and Best Food Writing 2011. Her 2005 feature story about an Odessa prostitution parlor was the inspiration for the Lifetime television series The Client List. She has contributed to the Oxford American, the Texas Observer, and the radio program “This American Life.”



Chaps Schtick

How Lubbock’s Legendary Stardust Cowboy stays legendary after all these years.

Kevin Prigel

The Fort Worth whiz kid taken seriously on Wall Street.

Reneé Olstead

A Houston actress launches her career.

Blood Brothers

Sixteen years ago, rookie filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen changed Austin with a Simple plan.

Mike and Gibby Cevallos

San Antonio brothers pen a sitcom that’s all in the family.

Juan Miró

Juan Miró builds his legacy in Austin.

This Place Is A Zoo

Want to get up close and personal with kudus and kangaroos, tigers and toucans, okapi and orangutans? We’re especially fauna these zoos, the ten best in the state.

Bruce Rodgers

On the set with Bruce Rodgers.

Heidi Grant Murphy

Heidi Grant Murphy hits a high note.

David Gordon Green

David Gordon Greene gets the big picture.

Around the State

From ballet to boot-scootin’, Houston offers up a great weekend. Plus: Austin and Dallas put artists on display; Galveston gets fat; San Antonio hits an operatic high note; and the San Antonio CineFestival focuses in on the films of Efrain Gutierrez.

Hot Doug

Critics praise him. Woody Allen loves him. And no one does a better Truman Capote. Meet Midland’s Douglas McGrath, a writer-director who’s ready to take center stage with his role in a new movie.

Nicholas Gonzalez

Nicholas Gonzalez lands a knockout role.

Love and War in Cyberspace

Brandon and Denise were not like other people. They were smarter, more introverted. They adored computers, playing games online at three in the morning with people in Finland. When they and other hard-core techies moved to Walden, a Houston apartment complex with the fastest residential Internet connection in the world, it seemed like a wired paradise. For a while, it was.