Ross Dubois


Woman Calls 911 For Delivery, Gets Carried Out Instead

Her emergency? She needed cigarettes.

Texas Town Plans to Tax Car Crashes

A Houston suburb will impose a “crash tax” on at fault drivers to help cover the cost of emergency response teams.

Fewer Weapons Found In Texas Schools

A 35 percent drop over six years, according to a recent report.

Hate Taxes? Buy Some Guns

State representative Jeff Leach is pushing a bill that would create a tax-free holiday on the sale of guns.

Gun Safety Course Proves Painfully Unsafe

A school employee was accidentally shot yesterday during one of Van ISD’s gun safety courses.

Texas Judge Targeted For Assassination

A San Antonio inmate allegedly hired another man to murder the judge presiding over his case.

George W. Bush, Passionate Painter

He signs his landscapes, dog portraits, and bath scenes “43.”

Texas Cities Lead The Nation In Growth, Jobs

Some Texas cities top the list for the fastest growth rate, others top the list for the greatest number of new residents. The reason behind both? Jobs.

Is Texas Really the Second Most Hateful State?

The ‘Hate Map’ released by the Southern Poverty Law Center shows Texas to have an alarming number of active hate groups. But how hateful is Texas compared with other states? And who are Texas’s “haters”?

Perry Unexcited About Madonna's Boy Scouts Costume

His own appearance at a conservative conference was more exciting, the governor told Glenn Beck.

Why The Texas Longhorn Has Such Grit

Researchers at the University of Texas mapped the genome of the Texas Longhorn and discovered its heritage is more complicated than previously thought.

The Strange And Sordid End of An A&M Professor

James Arnt Aune took his own life after allegedly being blackmailed for having an online relationship with a minor. The underage girl he corresponded with apparently may not have been a girl at all, but a grown man running a “catfishing” scam.

The Unresolved Murders of Texas Prosecutors

A Texas district attorney and his wife were found dead at their home, gunned down by unknown assailants, less than two months after an Assistant DA in the same office was shot outside the courthouse. There are no conclusive suspects, but the signs are pointing towards gang violence.

Texan with Full-Face Transplant Gets Married

Dallas Wiens, the man who became the first American to receive a full-face transplant, got married over the weekend. The new couple hopes to inspire others with an up-coming reality show.

Please Sir, Arms For The Poor

The Armed Citizens Project, a Houston-based nonprofit seeks to provide free firearms for residents of high-crime neighborhoods in an effort to fight crime. Not surprisingly, opinions vary on the programs goals.