Ross Dubois


The Smile Machine

Perry and his pals celebrated the release of the first precision-guided firearms at the Mason ranch of TrackingPoint founder John McHale.

Blind Texas Teen Competes for State in Pole Vaulting

Charlotte Brown, a legally blind sophomore from Emory, took 8th place in the pole vault at a state track competition.

Hispanics Now Majority In Texas Schools, Politicians Take Note

Hispanics now comprise nearly 51 percent of the state’s student body.

3D-Printed Plastic Guns: Now Firing

The Austin-based non-profit Defense Distributed has successfully created and tested the “Liberator,” the first gun made entirely from 3-D printed plastic pieces. Government officials are already hoping to limit its legality.

Exoneration Review Bill Passes The Texas House

If signed into law, House Bill 166 will create an independent commission to review cases of wrongfully-convicted Texans.

West, Texas: The Czech Republic Has Your Back

The Eastern European country intends to offer assistance to the West community—three quarters of which is of Czech descent—following the explosion of a fertilizer plant last week.

W's New Presidential Center Gives Visitors A Second Chance With History

The George W. Bush Presidential Center will be dedicated by the ex-prez this week and is opening to the public May 1. Visitors will get a chance to judge for themselves how history will view the 43rd president, and a new poll suggests his legacy will be more positive than you might think.

84-Year-Old Woman Charged With Plotting to Kill Prosecutors

Montgomery County inmate Dorothy Canfield allegedly wanted to hire a hitman to mimic the Kaufman County slayings.

Texas Gives New York A Shiner

New Yorkers are cheering as our iconic yellow-labeled bock rams toward their city.

Texas Mega Pastor Mega Punk'd

Joel Osteen, indefatigable televangelist and pastor of a Houston megachurch, was the butt of an online hoax that claimed he had lost his faith, and would leave the church. The Internet had a strong reaction.

This Two-Steppin' Chicken Is Not What's For Dinner

The colorful Attwater’s Prairie Chicken, a bird that flourished in Texas a hundred years ago, is on the verge of extinction.

Please Sir, Arms For The Poor

The Armed Citizens Project, a Houston-based nonprofit seeks to provide free firearms for residents of high-crime neighborhoods in an effort to fight crime. Not surprisingly, opinions vary on the programs goals.

Texan with Full-Face Transplant Gets Married

Dallas Wiens, the man who became the first American to receive a full-face transplant, got married over the weekend. The new couple hopes to inspire others with an up-coming reality show.

The Unresolved Murders of Texas Prosecutors

A Texas district attorney and his wife were found dead at their home, gunned down by unknown assailants, less than two months after an Assistant DA in the same office was shot outside the courthouse. There are no conclusive suspects, but the signs are pointing towards gang violence.

The Strange And Sordid End of An A&M Professor

James Arnt Aune took his own life after allegedly being blackmailed for having an online relationship with a minor. The underage girl he corresponded with apparently may not have been a girl at all, but a grown man running a “catfishing” scam.