Shooting Stars

For nearly thirty years, photographer Burton Wilson has never found himself without a camera when he needed one. A new book captures his view of the Austin music scene.
Big Joe Williams at the Victory Grill
Photograph by Burton Wilson

When I stepped foot into Burton Wilson’s home, I stepped back in time. His walls are buried behind pictures he has taken throughout his life. Some of them are framed; some are hung with just a thumbtack. Most of them are black and white photographs. The really big ones are his favorites, he tells me. Burton Wilson loves to tell stories. Every picture on his wall has a story, and he remembers even the smallest detail behind each one. Not all people have something they can leave behind that tells the world how they lived. But Burton Wilson has—right there on his walls. And now with his new book, The Austin Music Scene Through the Lens of Burton Wilson, he shares his walls with the world.

LG: How did you get interested in photography?

BW: Well, I’ve always been interested in photography. I used to take a lot of pictures and then I would

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