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General Questions


What is Texas Monthly?
We’re the National Magazine of Texas and since 1973 we’ve covered contemporary life in Texas. If you want to know more, read about us here.

What is Texas Monthly’s address and phone number?
Texas Monthly
P.O. Box 1569
Austin, TX 78767-1569
Phone number: (512) 320-6900
Fax number: (512) 476-9007

How do I submit a letter to the editor?
We welcome letters from our readers, which we publish every month in the magazine in our Roar of the Crowd section. Email your letter to  or mail your letter to the address above. Letters addressed to Texas Monthly become the property of the magazine, and it owns all rights to their use. Letters may be edited for clarity and length. We will contact you before publishing your letter.



Can I comment on stories anonymously?
Yes, you can. You may choose any screen name you want, but you do have to at least submit a functional email address in order to leave a comment. Your email address will not be made public. Our commenting system is called Disqus. It facilitates discussions between commenters, and it also enables you to integrate commenting with your Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ accounts. Of course, if you’d rather keep posting anonymously, that’s fine too.

The site doesn’t look right on my browser. What’s wrong?
For optimal viewing, we recommend you use the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. If you continue to experience technical problems, please email us at , and we’ll do our best to fix you up.

What Content Management System (CMS) does your site use?



Who is the editor-in-chief of the magazine?
 was named editor-in-chief of Texas Monthly January 2019. He replaced interim editor-in-chief Rich Oppel. Before Rich, Tim Taliaferro served as editor-in-chief. Before Taliaferro was Brian D. Sweany, who took the reins from Jake Silverstein. Prior to Jake, the magazine was edited by Evan Smith, who took over from Gregory Curtis in 2000. Greg had held the position since 1981, when he succeeded the founding editor editor-in-chief, William Broyles. In over forty-seven years, Texas Monthly has had only seven editor-in-chiefs.

What percentage of your editorial staff is from Texas?
Eighty percent.

My dream is to write for you. Are you hiring?
We’re fortunate to be one of the few remaining magazines to have staff writers. We truly believe this is why we’ve produced some of the best journalism in America for more than forty-seven years, but those positions rarely open. However, we’re always scouting for freelance talent, whether for the magazine or for texasmonthly.com. For more details, read through our Story Submission Guidelines.

Also, we consider our internship program to be one of the finest in the state. If you’re a student who can receive credit for an internship, apply here.

To whom do I direct my inspired story idea?
Thanks for thinking of us! Read through our Story Submission Guidelines for more details about what we’re looking for and who to contact. Or if you prefer snail mail, please send all materials to Dan Goodgame, Editor-in-Chief, Texas Monthly, P.O. Box 1569, Austin, TX 78767-1569.

To whom do I direct media inquiries or requests to have Texas Monthly writers appear on my radio or television program?
Please contact Hannah Vickers, Director of Marketing at .

Dining Guide


Who writes the restaurant reviews?
Reviews are written by resident critics in the cities we list. They are anonymous to ensure that they receive no special treatment. All of their expenses are paid by Texas Monthly. The magazine accepts no advertising or other consideration in exchange for a listing.

How often do they visit the restaurants?
Restaurants are revisited periodically; the date listed reflects the most recent update.

What does the star system mean?
⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ :  A superlative restaurant
⭑⭑⭑⭑ : An excellent restaurant.
⭑⭑⭑ : A very good restaurant
⭑⭑ : A good restaurant;
⭑ : A fair to middlin’ restaurant.

What does the price scale indicate?
Prices represent a typical meal for one (entrée, side dish, dessert, and beverage), not including alcohol, tax, and tip.

$ = Less than $15
$$ = $16 to $30
$$$ = $31 to $50
$$$$ = More than $50

Reprints/Rights and Permissions


How can I get licensing rights for a Texas Monthly article for print use?
Kathy McFarland can help you with that, and you can reach her at .

What about licensing television or movie rights to one of your stories?
Please contact Megan Creydt at .

Subscription Services


I didn’t receive my magazine, need to renew my subscription, or want to order a subscription for someone else. Can you help me?
To manage your account, you can visit your Subscription Portal. For all subscription-related queries, please visit our Subscriber FAQ page.

Need further assistance? Send an email to .

How do I request a copy of a back issue?
Most issues are available for purchase. For more information and how to order, visit our Back Issues page or go to the Texas Monthly Newsstand to find the issue you are looking for.

I have an issue with my subscription or accessing my digital subscription.
Please visit our Subscriber FAQ page.

How do I subscribe to/manage my newsletters?
We have a beautiful, informative suite of newsletters ranging from weekly political coverage and recipes from the best chefs in Texas to travel deals and event information. Please visit our newsletter subscription page to sign up.



How do I purchase advertising on the site?
Contact Anita Zmolek, our Sales Resource Director, at .

What is this sponsored content I see on the site? Is that a story that Texas Monthly created? It sure seems like an ad.
Sponsor content is a new type of advertising on Texas Monthly. Our advertisers have long asked us how they can get more involved, so we decided to create sponsor content stories and invite advertisers and brands to do a little storytelling of their own on our site. We have a dedicated sponsor content editor who works with clients to make sponsor content stories something our readers would want to read and share with their friends. All this said, make no mistake: sponsor content is not editorial content, and the Texas Monthly editorial team is in no way involved in the creation of sponsor content stories. We’ve tried to make this abundantly clear by adding a black “Sponsored” banner to all sponsor content tiles and story pages, and we’ve altered the headline font for these pages, all in an effort to differentiate it from editorial content. If you’d like to know more about our sponsor content or if you’re interested in finding out how to get involved, please email Hannah Vickers at .

What if my question was not answered here?
Please email us at .

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