How ’bout NOT them Cowboys? The political research group Public Policy Polling says “it’s probably time to turn the America’s team label over to the Green Bay Packers.”

PPP’s poll shows that “no matter how you measure it the Packers are more popular than the Dallas Cowboys, and in fact the Cowboys are actually America’s least favorite team.” (It’s probably safe to say the “America’s Team” slogan, which the Cowboys themselves invented, is no more up for grabs than the blue star.)

PPP found that 22 percent of its respondents—700 registered voters polled between December 16 and December 18—said the Packers were their favorite team, with eleven percent choosing the Cowboys.(The Bears, the Giants, and the Steelers were all tied for third with eight percent.)

More broadly: 

The Packers are seen positively by 57% of voters in the country to only 13% who have negative opinion . . . The Cowboys meanwhile are generally viewed negatively, with 29% of voters having a favorable opinion of them to 41% with a negative one.

Finally we also asked a straight up ‘horse race’ style question about whether people like the Cowboys or Packers better. The Packers come out ahead 49-28 on that one….

The Cowboys did come out first on one question in our poll: Americans’ least favorite NFL team. 22% pick the Cowboys on that front to 11% for the Bears, 8% for the Packers, 7% for the Patriots and Redskins, 6% for the Steelers, 4% for the Jets and Giants, and 1% for the Saints.  The Cowboys may deliver awesome tv ratings but these numbers suggest that’s in large part because people are watching them and hoping they lose.

Tony Romo also didn’t fare well in the poll, with a negative favorability rating that was exceeded only by his controversial peers Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick. Of course there’s no telling how many of those poll respondents with negative feelings towards Romo were also Cowboys fans.

Obviously, this is all about the Super Bowl. The Packers just won one; it’s been too long since the Cowboys have. The minute that all changes, the Cowboys are bound to experience another spike in popularity—while also continuing to inspire hatred. And true Cowboys fans in Texas shouldn’t want it any other way. 

In the meantime, perhaps Jerry Jones and family can console themselves with the fact that the Cowboys might also be . . . Mexico’s team? Check out Julian Aguilar’s Texas Tribune feature about the dedicated fans who travel all the way from Monterrey to see the team they love.