It may not come as a surprise for many of you who spend hours every day stuck in Austin, Dallas, or Houston traffic that a recent survey by Men’s Health magazine listed these cities as having some of the country’s most dangerous drivers.

Of the one hundred U.S. cities the magazine ranked, Dallas has the second most dangerous drivers (only to be topped by St. Louis), Houston has the fourth, Austin has the tenth, and Fort Worth came in at twelve, Lubbock at thirteen, and San Antonio at seventeen. The magazine used statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Allstate, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and data from city governments.

The results were based on the rate of fatal crashes; the percentage of fatalities involving alcohol, speeding, or hit and run; and the rate of seatbelt use. The survey also factored in the average number of years between accidents and laws on cellphone use while driving. It should not come as a surprise that Houston graced the top ten most dangerous drivers list as there have been a few headline-making accidents there in the past couple weeks.

A list of the top ten cities with the most dangerous drivers in the U.S.:

1. St. Louis, MO
2. Dallas, TX
3. Charleston, WV
4. Houston, TX
5. Billings, MT
6. Providence, RI
7. Columbia, SC
8. Durham, NC
9. Orlando, FL
10. Austin, TX