In 2005, after three studio albums with songwriting legend Chip Taylor, the Austin-born singer and fiddler wowed audiences with him for two nights in Germany. Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez Live From the RuhrTriennale (Train Wreck) captures the duo’s much-storied chemistry.

So how exactly did the live album come about?

Chip and I were touring with our Red Dog Tracks album, and we got asked to be part of this festival in Germany. We knew it was being recorded, but we didn’t imagine it would turn into a record. We had so many special moments in the show, though, I remember feeling thankful even then to have them captured.

What was the Ruhr like?

It used to be an industrial area in Germany, but it’s been cleaned up; the place we played was a factory that’s been transformed into this cool art space. It gave a very creative vibe to the concert.

How comfortable are you with your growing role as a singer-songwriter?

I feel comfortable singing now, but the songwriting thing is still new. I’ve been lucky to watch Chip with his writing; he’s let me in on how he does it. But I’m still green. I’m constantly thinking, “Hmm, what would Chip do here?” David A. Herron