From the moment Voxtrot first put its driving Europop on the Internet, the Austin band—and its frontman—became a sensation. After a series of EPs, the group has finally, five years after forming, released its first full-length album, Voxtrot (PlayLouder).

The band started as a hobby, something for you to do when you were home from studying in Scotland. Yeah, we started just as a way to record a few songs. It wasn’t supposed to be an actual band band.

What changed? We acquired a manager, James Minor, about two years ago. You know Emo’s, in Austin? He used to book it, so he gave us our first show down there.

After three EP releases, did you enjoy recording an album? No, not really. I did like it, but it was more hard work than I’d anticipated.

For a band that owes a lot of its success to music blogs, you seem curiously ambivalent about them. I don’t really read them. I like the fact that they’re free and that they help spread music. It’s nice that blogs support us, but I just think that the Internet culture is pretty disposable. You can be the flavor of the month, but I don’t know if that’s really loyalty.