Nanu, Nanu Academy award- winning actor and comedian Robin Williams brings his first one-man show in fifteen years to the University of Texas at Austin’s Performing Arts Center on April 9, the Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas on April 10, and the Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston on April 11.

So you know Lance Armstrong.
Somebody hooked us up a couple of years ago at a benefit. He’s a really great guy, a lot of fun to be around, and it’s extraordinary to watch him race. I’ve been to Austin for the Ride for the Roses, Lance’s ride. I went to see him on the Champs-Elysées the first time he won the Tour. And then last year—he should have won an Academy award. The announcer is going, “I don’t zink heez going to make eet.” Then Lance races up the hill: Bring it on, homey.

Are you a pro cycling fan?
Yeah, it’s like, “Support Team Viagra: Ride Hard, Ride Long.” And you won’t need a kickstand!

Tell me what you think of Austin.
In the old days, back when I was drinking, it was an amazing place to hang out. That one street with all the bars? “Step in here, son. What kind of music do you need? Hey, aren’t those the Bush girls?” And there’s some Hollywood in Austin: Sandra Bullock, Matthew McConaughey. And Willie Nelson! I just saw Willie when I was playing Harrah’s. The man makes Buddha look hyper. He’s 68, and he’s got all these beautiful women around him. Amen, there is a power.

Speaking of the Bush girls, what about their daddy? I gather he’s not your cup of tea.
It’s interesting: It turns out he’s a beta release. We’ve been getting upgrades as we go along.

I suppose I should ask you about the new show.
It’s basically the same type of stuff I used to do fifteen years ago. Lots of adult material. Don’t come expecting Patch Adams.

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