Houstonians by way of Rhode Island, Peglegasus has been based in Austin for six of their ten years, though the group first took shape in 1979, when drummer Peter Voskamp and his guitarist sibling John acquired a stepbrother in guitarist Berke Marye. (Bryan Nelson, the unfortunate recipient of many parentheticals just like this one, recently replaced Henry Duys III as the bassist.) Tired of Adventures, Peglegasus’ third CD, showcases an iconoclastic band that’s thoroughly out of step with the times, which isn’t a bad thing these days. With influences ranging from the Kinks to Pere Ubu to Jethro Tull (“To Cry You a Song” is covered here) and a sound that blends skittish rhythms and brainy pop energy with beautiful guitar interplay, Peglegasus would have been perfect college radio faves in the late eighties. Since those days have passed, they’ll have to settle for being totally unique, the obvious inheritors of Texas Instruments’ mantle as the longest running, best little barely noticed band in Austin. by Jason Cohen (For more information contact [email protected].)