Thanks to Apple’s refusal to release what we know would be the most useful emoji of all time, the Chilean flag is often confused for that of Texas. And, we have to admit, the mistake seems easy to make in tiny emoji form, with the subtle difference between the flags harder to spot on a small screen. Unfortunately, Paul McCartney doesn’t have that excuse.

McCartney closed out the annual Austin City Limits music festival on Friday night. Consensus was that it was a stunning performance by the living legend. As the Austin American-Statesman‘s Peter Blackstock wrote, “For a couple of hours, Sir Paul made it feel like everyone was together.” We could all use a little more of that feeling.

That reverie was briefly interrupted, however, when McCartney ran on stage with what he almost certainly thought was a Texas flag. Waving alongside the British, American, and gay pride flags, it would have been a sweet nod to his visit to the Lone Star State—if it had actually been the Texas flag.

No, John Bridges. No, he did not. That solid red bar across the bottom of the flag said it all.

McCartney hasn’t publicly commented on his Chilean pride at ACL, so there is a possibility, however slim, that it was an intentional choice. Maybe Sir Paul is stoked for Chile’s newly opened 1,700-mile hiking trail. Or maybe he is a quiet master of controversy, and intentionally chose a Chilean flag to rankle crowds and get journalists to write posts much like this one.

But if, like we suspect, this was a simple but grave error, we’re fully prepared to help McCartney find a proper Texas flag before his performance at the festival next weekend. By that time, all will be forgiven. Ob-la-di, ob-la-dah, after all.