– King Ranch chicken in tube form:


– Dai Due in Austin is now offering an option to order a whole hog roast for their patio. 

Romanouska’s Trailer in Austin is closing, but owner Tom Micklethwait said he plans to open a brick and mortar of his Micklethwait Craft Meats trailer. 

– Eater Austin touts the 23 iconic meat dishes in Austin, and of course there is plenty of barbecue. 

– Pitmasters for the upcoming Houston BBQ Festival gathered early this week for a pre-festival lunch:


Houston barbecue is a game of geography, and J C Reid is your guide.

Beef prices continue to fall, and nobody is sure how low they will go.

– The Star Telegram has some suggestions for an upcoming Central Texas barbecue road trip.

– Lots of new BBQ books, and Epicurious recommends a few:


– Robert Moss reviewed The One True Barbecue, one of many barbecue books out this month. 

– We did a wrap-up of a few other new barbecue titles out there on TMBBQ.

Hutchins BBQ in McKinney will cook dinner at the Beard House in NYC in June. They’re planning a dry run of the meal at their Frisco location on 05/19. 

– You can now buy a deck of beef playing cards:


– These are America’s fifty best barbecue joints according to Foursquare.

– If you use a charcoal chimney to start your fires, here’s an easy trick to make it start twice as fast.

– Students at Rice University are trying to design a better meat thermometer.

– Take a BBQ road trip with Matthew Odam:


– Scalawag asks if the source of the hog is more important the type of fuel when cooking barbecue in North Carolina. 

Guy Fieri plans to open a new barbecue joint in Louisville this fall. 

– David Bouska is barbecue competition champion with Butcher BBQ. His son Levi Bouska runs a barbecue stand of the same name in Wellston, Oklahoma. 

– Alton Brown is a fan of Tulsa’s barbecue:


– There’s a show in the UK called BBQ Champ, and America is about to get its own version hosted by Adam Richman.

– London pitmaster Neil Rankin provides some barbecue tips to The Observer.

– Very funny: