A food fight puts BBQ in the Texas political spotlight:


A barbecue town hall was held at Texas A&M last week. Among other things, there was a discussion about the university’s recent research on the effects of wet-aging on smoked brisket.

The methodology and results of that Texas A&M study, entitled Assessment of Postmortem Aging Effects on Texas-style Barbecue Beef Briskets, can be viewed here.

Kemuri Tatsu-ya was named Austin’s best new restaurant by Eater:


Donate platelets in San Antonio this month and get free food at Bill Miller Bar-B-Q.

Another Texas BBQ joint is adding their barbecue sauce to the HEB shelves. Look for Two Bros. BBQ sauce in a few weeks.

Stan Hays of Operation BBQ Relief accepted an award as a CNN Hero:


“America has a shortage of flabby pigs,” says The Wall Street Journal.

The University of Turin studied salami, and found that fermentation using wild bacteria produces far tastier salami than using lab-grown starter cultures.

I guess Milwaukee’s even got a signature BBQ cut:


Houston Food Finder reports on the barbecue at the newly opened Pappas Delta Blues Smokehouse.

Pappa Charlie’s Barbeque in Houston has closed for good, but pitmaster Wesley Jurena hopes to find a new location.

J C Reid of the Houston Chronicle heads over to Los Angeles to check out their barbecue scene.

First We Feast brings a couple Texans to eat New York BBQ:


There’s still time to place your order for smoked brisket and/or pork tamales from Pecan Lodge in Dallas.

Austin 360 has compiled a list of Texas barbecue joints that can ship their brisket for the holidays.

Pronunciations can be tough for some Texas barbecue joint names, and the Tales from the Pits podcast is here to set you straight.

An interview with 30 Under 30 pitmaster, Grant Pinkerton:


Eater announced that B’s Cracklin’ Barbecue is their restaurant of the year in Atlanta.

When you begin paying a meat tax, you can’t say The Atlantic didn’t warn you.

The Washington Post reports that cattle are getting so big that restaurants and retailers have begun to think differently about steak cuts.

Fact: The guy who made the playlist doesn’t eat vegan brisket: