The governor’s race is following the 40/30/20/10 model:

Perry 354,989/41.31%
Bell 248,570/28.92%
Strayhorn 160,897/18.72%
Friedman 87,767/10.18%

Hutchison 611,611
Radnofsky 360,360
61.7% to 36.36%

Chet Edwards up two to one over Van Taylor

Lampson pulls ahead of Sekula-Gibbs, 14,624-12,914. Good news for Sekula Gibbs: other write-ins and Libertarian are getting just 5% of the vote.

Surprisingly close race in Corpus Christi/Valley congressional district:

Wm. “Willie” Vaden (R) 14,092/43.72%
Solomon P. Ortiz (D) – Incumbent 16,778/52.06%

Could this bode ill for Solomon Ortiz Jr. in his legislative race against Republican Joe McComb?

Governor: Perry just over 40%, Bell just over 30%, Strayhorn at 18+, Friedman at 10+.