Open carry signing

Who says the gods don’t have a sense of irony? On the same day that Governor Greg Abbott signs new laws allowing for the open carrying of pistols and licensed carrying of concealed handguns on college campuses, a lone gunman opens fire on the Dallas police station while driving a zombie apocalypse van.

No zombie action was present at Red’s Shooting Range in Pflugerville, as Abbott signed the two controversial bills into law.

“Today I am proud to expand liberty in the Lone Star State,” said Governor Abbott in a statement. “By signing these bills into law, Texans can be assured that their Second Amendment rights will be stronger and more secure than ever before.”

Police across Texas were widely opposed to both of the new handgun laws, so there is no little irony that an attack occurred on the same day as Abbott’s signing – although there is no reason to believe the two are connected.

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that the suspect in the shooting was a man who blamed police for him losing custody of his son. A sniper killed the shooter. 

At the time of the assault, the man apparently was driving a retrofitted armored van with gun ports that had been sold as a “Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle and Troop Transport.” According to the Morning News, as the van was marketed: “This fully armored zombie busting vehicle features convenient gun ports so no zombie juice touches your during a mass Zombie takedown.” 

Breitbart is all over the zombie assault van, with photos.

(Photo: Governor Greg Abbott signs open carry bills/Source: Governor’s Office.)