If redistricting had not caused the Texas primary to be moved, Texas Republicans would be going to the polls today to choose the party’s presidential nominee. The move from March 6 to May 29 has a major impact on the process. If the primary were held today, Rick Santorum would win by a landslide. Bryan Eppstein released polling numbers earlier in the week showing Santorum with a two to one lead over Romney: Santorum 41% Romney 20% Gingrich 16% Paul 7% Undecided 16% Santorum would be on his way to winning the lion’s share of Texas’s 155 delegates, second only to California as the biggest prize in the GOP grab bag. Commentat0rs tonight would be talking about Romney’s struggle to survive; instead, that’s what they’ll be saying about Santorum. They would look at Gingrich’s 16% here and say that Perry’s endorsement of him didn’t carry any weight. Now, none of this will happen. Texas won’t even be on the radar screen tonight. The move of the primary was a big break for Romney and a bad break for Santorum. When Texans go to vote in May, it will be far too late for the result here to have an impact on the campaign.