Erick Erickson posted this on today: Hugh Hewitt has a good takedown of this. It shows the extent to which the Democrats will go to attack Republicans. Stephanie McCrummen, a Washington Post based reporter formerly stationed in Nairobi has a history of fanning racial flames out of context. In a move that was genuinely supported by people of all races in North Carolina, McCrummen earlier this year tried to paint tea party backed school board members as racist for restructuring a school busing program in the Raleigh area. Again, there were a large number of black residents supportive of the measure, but McCrummen’s reporting failed to get into that. Now, she’s out with a story about Rick Perry and his dad using a hunting camp with a big rock on it that has the word “Ni**erhead” on it. Rick Perry’s father painted over the rock. At some point, they turned the rock over so it couldn’t be seen. * * * * The ad hominem attack on the reporter rankles me–the reporting is either accurate or it isn’t, and it shouldn’t matter that the author was posted in Nairobi at sometime in the past. Having read the Post’s story, I do think it is less than clear when the rock was painted, or by whom. It is clear that a lot of people knew about the name.