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Art |
September 30, 1990

State of the Art

Rich Clarkson brings a new perspective to Texas A&M honor guards “humping it”—Aggies claim the peculiar crouch helps project yells—in game day usa, a survey of college football culture by 22 photographers, just issued by Kodak/Thomasson-Grant.

Art |
June 30, 1990

State of the Art

Nine-Year-Old Brent Cunningham just after his Red Brangus heifer placed second at the 1989 Austin Livestock Show and Rodeo. Photograph by Michael O’Brien…

Art |
April 1, 1990

Bold Strokes

Drawing from its extensive Texas art collection, Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts has assembled a concise survey of a vast subject.

Art |
December 1, 1989

Images at War

A Fort Worth exhibit of scenes from the Mexican War shows that fanciful lithographs outgunned the realism of nascent photography.

Art |
August 31, 1989

New World to Conquer

For years, the Dallas Museum of Art sought prestige by following the mainstream. The new director thinks it’s time to change course.

Art |
May 31, 1989

Soviet Idealism

In a Fort Worth exhibit of Russian and American paintings, two groups of artists use the same vocabulary to express profoundly different views of life and art.

Art |
December 1, 1987

Lost Horizons

An exhibit at Fort Worth’s Amon Carter Museum contends that before the cowboy became America’s hero, Indians and mountain men were the icons of a vanishing frontier.

Art |
July 31, 1987

Subjects of the Realm

Hans Holbein’s life drawings are a tantalizing glumpse into the lusty court of Henry VIII. And courtesy of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, they’re on view at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.

Art |
May 31, 1987

New Kid on the Block

The Menil Collection has received so much attention that its opening this month may seem anticlimactic. The only unknown is what the director plans to do with it all.

Art |
April 30, 1987

Romancing the Stone

Using a circular saw and a shrewd commercial sense, Plano housewife Sandy Stein chiseled a new life for herself as a sculptor.

Art |
January 1, 1987

Art of the People

An innovative folk art exhibition at the San Antonio Museum of Art affirms the irrepressible spirit of the Mexican people.

Art |
November 1, 1986

Animal Magnetism

Melissa Miller’s lions and tiger confront demons, dance under the moon, and reflect the ambiguity of the modern world.

Art |
February 1, 1986

Rauschenberg Relics

In the current Rauschenberg exhibit at Houston’s Contemporary Arts Museum the artist finds his first thirty years a tough act to follow.

Art |
July 31, 1985

A Concrete Romance

One man’s whim-turned-obsession is changing Houston’s McKee Street Bridge and its faded environs into one of the few really original artistic images of the city.

Art |
April 30, 1985

Public Gestures

Dallas' Fifth Texas Sculpture Symposium proves it's time for us to look to our sculptors for public artworks.

Art |
March 1, 1985

Persistent Vigor

The impressive canvases that make up “Fresh Paint” at the Museum of Fine Arts prove that Houston has finally arrived as a significant art-making center.

Art |
February 1, 1985

Sterling Surls

With his rough-hewn sculptures that speak to mankind’s most basic needs, James Surls is fast becoming the dean of Texas art.

Art |
September 30, 1984

Coppini the Great

Pompeo Coppini’s heroic sculptures and European air were just what Texas’ fledgling gentry was hungry for in 1901. Since then his name has faded from memory, but his works endure.

Art |
April 1, 1984

Light in the Hills

German landscape artist Hermann Lungkwitz saw romantic vistas in the Hill Country at a time when most Texans saw only hardscrabble farmland.

Art |
February 1, 1984

Venetian Finds

Five Texas artists are among those selected for “Paradise Lost/Paradise Regained”, this year’s American entry into the Venice Biennale.

Art |
November 1, 1983

The Roadside Eye

Robert Frank took casual but expressive snapshots that captured dramas of American life and altered the course of modern photography.

Art |
July 31, 1983

Personal Space

Houston’s brash “alternative spaces” are doing more than the city’s mainstream galleries to keep Texas art fresh, rich and diverse.

Art |
June 30, 1983

Lady on the Edge

Photographer Carlotta Corpron moved to Denton in 1935, and the burst of avant-garde work she produced is, so far, unsurpassed in Texas.

Art |
December 1, 1982

Tintypes And Stormscapes

A new book on the Amon Carter Museum’s photography collection chronicles one and a half colorful centuries of America in haunting black and white.