True Crime |
March 1, 1983

Blood of the Lamb

A high school teacher shot up the First Baptist Church in the East Texas steel town of Daingerfield, and the agony lasted longer than anyone could have imagined.

Church |
July 31, 1982

The Tongue-Lashing

A host of Pentecostals gathered in Dallas to hug, kiss, sing, babble, and get the chewing-out of their lives.

Church |
June 30, 1982

Main Street Religion

The power and charm of the Reverend Charles Allen go beyond his own church, First United Methodist of Houston. Simple, standard churches like First Presbyterian in Brownsville are the solid rock of American religion.

Church |
May 31, 1982

Mustard Seeds

Ninety-four per cent of Americans believe in God. That and other gleanings from recent polls reveal that the nation’s faith is stronger than ever.

Religion |
April 30, 1982

The Shrine Of The Black Madonna

Albert Cleage, the self-styled holy patriarch of an ambitious sect, has already won over blacks in Detroit and Atlanta. Now he’s set his sights on Houston.

Church |
April 1, 1982

A Flourishing Bride Of Christ

El Paso’s Ysleta Mission, the oldest church in Texas, is also one of the liveliest; what Houston Christian Scientists lack in testimonial passion they make up for in self-possession.

Church |
March 1, 1982

The Soaps Get Religion

Another Life, the Christian Broadcasting Network’s born-again soap, hasn’t discarded the essentials of the genre: sex, crime, and violence.

Church |
February 1, 1982

The Lord Giveth And The Lord Giveth

Evangelist Kenneth Copeland has good news: the faithful don’t have to wait for heaven to reap their reward. An Eastern Orthodox congregation in Austin is strict about performance of the liturgy but lax about getting to the church on time.

Church |
January 1, 1982

Stumpers in the Pulpit

Potlicking in Houston churches is nothing new for a lot of black Baptist preachers. It just comes with the territory.

Being Texan |
July 1, 1981

A Simple Man

Archbishop Patrick Flores acts like a country priest, but he has a tough job: he is the most powerful Catholic clergyman in Texas, and perhaps the most powerful Mexican American as well.

Church |
June 30, 1981

Tell It, Brother Hill!

A visiting revivalist lays some eloquent preaching on Pasadena Baptists. Nearby in Houston, the festival of Purim gives templegoers good reason to dress up, drink up, and raise a ruckus.

Church |
May 31, 1981

The Eve of Destruction

The millennium is nigh, according to some evangelists, and when Jesus returns, Texans will experience either rapture or hell and high water.

Church |
April 30, 1981

Buddha In Boots

A chant-happy Buddhist sect puts on a dazzling pageant in praise of the Texas cowboy. Pastor Barry Bailey lives up to his reputation as a bulwark of Fort Worth Methodism.

Church |
February 1, 1981

Shout If You Love Jesus

Local Church members in Houston make sure God hears them; Trinity Baptist in San Antonio is confident it has God’s ear.

Church |
December 1, 1980

Old, Rugged Churches

Century-old Antioch Baptist shouts its message over the sky-high rooftops of downtown Houston. St. Mary’s in Galveston is Texas’ only basilica.

Church |
August 31, 1980

Onward, Brother Roloff

The feisty pastor of the People’s Baptist Church keeps marching on to war with the State of Texas. Mexican American Pentecostals in the Valley ask Houston’s God’s help on a hot problem.

Church |
July 31, 1980

God With the Wends

Texas’ rural Wends take time from chores to attend St. Paul’s Lutheran in Serbin; vacationers on Padre Island take time from play to attend an open-air mass at St. Andrew’s by the Sea.

Church |
May 31, 1980

Two Roads to Calvary

On Palm Sunday Episcopalians at St. David’s in Austin rekindled their faith in the life and teachings of Jesus. At nearby Greater Mt. Zion on Easter, Baptists relived the miracles of His resurrection.

Church |
April 30, 1980

Foreign Service

In France you can commune with the angels at Chartres or mingle with the home folks at the American Church in Paris.

Church |
April 1, 1980

Cross Examinations

Adventurous Methodists try the case against the Church; pallid Seventh-day Adventists try the worshiper’s patience.

Church |
March 1, 1980

Amens and Imams

Pentecostal revivalists bask in the Spirit of the Holy Ghost; Muslims find solace in the will of Allah.

Church |
September 30, 1979

A Joyful Noise

At St. Patrick’s in San Antonio they sing and dance—during mass. At Lakewood Assembly of God in Dallas they sing and sing and sing . . .

Church |
August 31, 1979

Hearts and Minds

Welcome to Dallas’ first Baptist, the largest Baptist church in the world, with a pastor and a service to match; a more modest path to religious enlightenment leads you to Houston’s Emerson Unitarian.

Religion |
July 31, 1979

Let My People Pray

Were the words of Russian exile Georgi Vins heard over the din of the Southern Baptist Convention?

Church |
June 30, 1979

The Lord is in His Temple

Congregation Beth Israel in Houston remembers the Holocaust quietly; Allandale Baptist Church in Austin isn’t quiet about anything.

Church |
April 30, 1979

In the Beginning

We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing; we chasten and hasten to tell you all about it.