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March 1, 1982

We Believe In You, Coach

In hiring football coach Jackie Sherrill, the A&M regents were acting life shrewd businessmen, but that may not be the best way to run a university.

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October 1, 1981

Throw It to Me!

Drew Pearson, Tony Hill, and Butch Johnson are wide receivers for the Dallas Cowboys—in other words, they’re artists, egomaniacs, fierce competitors, and the heart of the team.

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November 1, 1980

The Ultimate Sport

Polo? It’s passé. Big game hunting? Humdrum. It’s the pursuit of the wily blue marlin that admits men to the world’s most exclusive club.

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November 1, 1980

On the Rebound

After a sloppy 1979-80 season, the San Antonio Spurs had no coach, no center, and no end to their problems. But all that has changed.

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December 25, 1979

The Real Mean Green

Talk to coaches and team owners about AstroTurf and you’ll hear all its advantages. Talk to the players and you’ll hear a different story.

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November 1, 1979

Trial by Water

Marathon canoe racing is the toughest sport in Texas. It’s tougher than bull riding, more grueling than pro football. The canoeists say that’s why it’s fun.

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September 1, 1979

Football Heroes

The best part of Texas high school football is that it’s the biggest thing in town—and still only a game.

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July 31, 1979

Pennant Fever

At midseason, long-suffering Astros and Rangers fans were having visions of grandeur. We hope they weren’t delusions.

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December 1, 1976


You can’t tell a Frenchman that football’s the wave of the future. But then, you can’t tell a Frenchman much.