I didn’t get around to Central Market until four days after their big “Pasaporte España”—“Passport Spain”—extravaganza had started. I’m kicking myself, because I’ve already missed a Spanish wine tasting and a couple of classes that sounded really good. But last Saturday I did stumble on the paella man, who was making huge flat pans of the yummy rice-y, seafood-y, saffron-y stuff outside on the deck of the north Austin store. So on a whim I ponied up $8.95, as I recall, and got a plateful. For the price, it was a great value! I sat under the oak trees at my neighborhood Central Market on N. Lamar, in Austin, and devoured two huge shrimp (they are whole, so be advised: you gotta rip off their heads and legs), a mussel or two, wonderfully seasoned rice, chicken, and sausage (with just a hint of saffron, the way I like it). Señor Paella does lunch and dinner daily, with a break in between. The Spain-related festivities and classes go on until Tuesday, May 24, with the likes of a Spanish olive oil tasting, winemaker dinner, cooking classes in Spanish tapas and desserts, live flamenco music on the deck, and more. Check the web site for schedules at the stores across Texas.