How can it be turkey time again? I got all nostalgic for the deep-fried turkey recipe we published a few years ago, courtesy of Fort Worth chef Grady Spears. It was fabuloso, with a cinnamon-chile-brown sugar rub on the outside. And it cooked fast, too. I remember it all too well, because when we tested it here at the magazine, we were told by the building management that we could not, repeat NOT, fry a turkey in our office kitchen. We could only have a propane-fired deep fryer in the open-air part of the parking garage. So there we were in the garage, about four of us in oven mitts and aprons, frying a turkey, as cars roared by, their occupants waving and grinning. The drivers must have been thinking “Who are those fools?” Scroll down to the recipe (you get a bunch of others, bonus, from our recipe swap). Happy turkey day, everybody!