Because we are so close to Mexico, we share the south of the border habit of eating fruit sprinkled with salt and lime juice. Similar to the traditional pairing with beer or tequila, some say salt and lime juice improve your chances of staying hydrated in our intense heat. Most people just enjoy the pumped-up super sour flavor. Watermelon, oranges, mangoes, and cucumbers are often salted before snacking. Even a lemon or lime with salt can be a snack, although that combination clobbers your tooth enamel. (I know several people who have had their front teeth replaced after a misspent youth of sucking on salted lemons.)

Because of the salt/sour habit, several brands of “tricked-out” salts have developed and are sold in the candy aisle on both sides of the border. Similar to a Pixy Stix, these funky powders, casually referred to as acido, are meant to be sprinkled on fruit, vegetables, or simply licked off of your hand.

Acido, which means “acid,” are mainly composed of salt and citric acid but could have sugar, chile, or tamarind added for an extra punch. Commercial powdered acido brands like Limolin, Salimon, Trechas, and Sal Lucas are used in many snow cone or snack concoctions. My son’s orthodontist has two large signs in every examining room, warning against these products. Tart, tasty, tangy, but murder on your smile.