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May 9, 2014

Texas Barbecue Monthly

As you read this, Texas Monthly’s editor, Jake Silverstein, is moving the last few items out of his office. He has traded his view of the Texas Capital building for that of a Duane Reade and is moving to the New York Times Magazine. We’ll miss that guy.And I personally owe him

Politics & Policy|
August 4, 2011

Fine Dining

Evan Smith arranged a dinner Thursday night at Curra’s for media folk. Mark Halperin was in town and the subject was Rick Perry. Others present were Emily Ramshaw, Jay Root, Ross Ramsey, Patti Hart, Evan, and myself. No one thought Romney could win the Republican nomination. He is vulnerable on

April 30, 2008

Say Hey Willie

To the famously short list of things that are certain in life—death and taxes—you can confidently add another: Willie Nelson sells copies of Texas Monthly. The iconic singer, golfer, actor, bus rider, weed smoker, and all-around good guy has been on our cover more times than anyone else (seven, this

The Culture|
February 1, 2008

Ha-ha! We’re 35!

Somewhere out there is a sourpuss (there’s always one) who’ll ask, after picking up this special issue, what the fuss is all about. And he’ll have a point, sort of. Thirty-five years? Lots of publications have been around that long or longer. Just last year, one of the most iconic

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