Pat Sharpe

May 9, 2014

Texas Barbecue Monthly

As you read this, Texas Monthly’s editor, Jake Silverstein, is moving the last few items out of his office. He has traded his view of the Texas Capital building for that of a Duane Reade and is moving to the New York Times Magazine. We’ll miss that guy.And I personally owe him

Eat My Words|
February 25, 2009

Cluck Cluck Cluck

The Counter Cafe, in Austin, has the most incredible chicken burger. They only offer it once a week, usually on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.  So you need to be sure it’s chicken-burger day before you go. And don’t try to go right at noon, because it’s a teensy weensy

Eat My Words|
February 25, 2009

La Condesa–Could Be the New Hot Thing

If times weren’t so darned tough, I’d predict that La Condesa was going to take off like a rocket. I mean, the space is crazy contemporary, the drinks are awesome, the food is by and large excellent (based on, oh, about eight apps and dishes). The only thing

Food & Drink|
May 31, 2008

It’s Pat

With all due respect to the assembled face-wipers on page 6, the brains, not to mention the gullet and the stomach, behind our latest list of the best barbecue joints in Texas is executive editor Pat Sharpe. Who else could it possibly be? For a generation or more, Pat’s led

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