Tony Romo

January 5, 2015

Picked Up Flags, Chris Christie, and a Trip to Green Bay: the Cowboys Won Their First Playoff Game Since 2009

Our schadenfreude-obsessed culture is focused on the Governor of New Jersey’s embrace of Jerry Jones and the pass interference penalty that wasn’t—but after winning their first playoff game in half a decade, the Cowboys are focused on the Packers. 

September 2, 2014

The Texas Quarterback Shuffle

Ryan Fitzpatrick's leash just got a whole lot shorter, Tony Romo's former backup just got a whole lot richer, and Texans fans who shudder the names "Schaub" and "Carr" just got a whole lot more reasons to laugh at the potential San Antonio Raiders.

The Culture|
November 18, 2013

Five Things You’ll Be Talking About in December

1. Romo AgonistesYou remember Danny White, don’t you? He had the misfortune to replace Roger Staubach as the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback after the beloved number 12 retired with two Super Bowl victories. Though White broke numerous Cowboys records—for passing yards in a season, for touchdown passes in a season, for

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