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Dining Guide

1701 Barbecue

A full tray of well-crafted barbecue classics at 1701 Barbecue.
Photograph by Daniel Vaughn

The neon sign in the dining room may say “Local,” but 1701 Barbecue is more like an embassy for Central Texas in Beaumont, thanks to offerings such as juicy, snappy, coarse-ground sausage and freshly made peach cobbler. Though any visitor to Beaumont should sample the region’s meaty specialties, such as beef links and smoked boudin, 1701 offers the best brisket and pork ribs in southeast Texas. The juicy brisket sports a thick crust, and the pork ribs are just sweet enough. The turkey isn’t to be missed either. A sweet-jalapeño-relish potato salad and a cilantro slaw help break up the meaty meal. If you’re stuck in a long line, grab a Shiner and enjoy the company.

City: Beaumont


Method: Post oak; offset smoker

Pitmaster: Blue Broussard, 37; Travis Cox, 38; Jacob Golmon, 37; Derek Ray, 35; Colton Savoie, 19; Gage Stark, 18

Pro-tip: Come early—this joint often sells out well before 2 p.m.


Address: 1701 Calder Ave, Beaumont, TX

Hours: Tue–Sat 11–2 or sold out

Website: www.1701barbecue.com

Year Opened: 2020

Last updated: August 30, 2021