Bee’s is one of the few joints in Marfa created and run by a townie. Bee is Rose Garcia, born and raised in Marfa. She knows everyone—and plenty of locals stop in for her breakfast and lunch. The place is small and homey, with four tables, a tile floor, and white walls decorated with “bee” paraphernalia. She advertises her hours in colored chalk on the wall outside (check first, as the hours might change) and you order inside at the walk-up window. Bee herself is chatty—ask her about the weather or how she makes her enchiladas. It’s all fresh—Bee makes everything every day. She cooks her food with peppers—so no salsa is needed, though ask for the avocado verde sauce if you like garlic. Her main fare is Tex-Mex—with hearty breakfast burritos (the asado was chewy and spicy) and classic green enchiladas—but her hamburgers are thick and juicy and she cuts her own French fries. Bee does minimal merchandising, but check out the two T-shirts for sale, one advertising her place, the other with a saying her husband is fond of espousing: “Shit, come spend a day with me.” That’s the Bee’s vibe. Hang out and eat some enchiladas and see some of old Marfa.