We had a simple but soul-satisfying lunch at this Near Southside spot—the latest outpost of the popular Denton restaurant. Chef Andres Meraz applies his classical Ritz-Carlton training to Latin street food, turning out a weekday, lunch-only menu perfect for takeout, though they do have a few tables and a small patio. Empanadas, the star of the show, boast beautifully golden, flaky crusts that break open to reveal savory fillings like chicken, beef, or pork chile verde. If you’re craving something sweeter, there’s a guava-and-cream-cheese option. The daily special when we visited was a spinach, goat cheese, and caramelized onion empanada, which we loved, and one filled with chocolate, cinnamon, and hazelnut. There are also quesadillas grilled with crispy edges and packed with chorizo, potatoes, and onions, sided with crema and pickled onions. Tacos, rice bowls, and a pulled pork sandwich round out the modest menu. We got lucky with the special-of-the-day Cuban sandwich, a layering of pulled pork and smoked ham slices with Swiss, pickles, and mustard, all on a fresh, chewy bun grilled till just burnished.