Not long ago, husband-and-wife duo Dayne and Ashley Weaver were selling barbecue out of their backyard. Then they progressed to the pop-up scene, then a home at Lola’s Trailer Park, and now a place of their own. The crew plates some of the most attractive spreads in the state: a platter of artfully arranged black-bark brisket, red-hued ribs, silky white pork belly, house-made pickles, street corn, and pink pickled onions would tempt even the Instagram-averse to take a photo. Weaver’s sausage program is one of the more creative ones in the state, as evidenced by his blueberry-and-Gouda version. Adding some of the bacon brisket (pork belly cooked like brisket) is a nice way to round out your meal, which you should enjoy on the covered patio with a drink from Lola’s Saloon.