When this Rio Grande Valley favorite opened in August, lines of cars 75 deep and two-hour waits were not unusual, but things calmed down pretty quickly (at least in off hours), and we waited only a few minutes for our sack of steaming-hot, foil-wrapped bounty. Order this to go: tamales, period. “Specializing in tamales” is the tagline, after all, and that’s about all they’ve got (though you can order menudo on weekends). Choose a half dozen or dozen of almost twenty varieties, including cream cheese and jalapeño, banana leaf–wrapped veracruzana, and finely shredded lean pork with just the right bite of masa. Some, like the fresh corn, aren’t served in San Antonio. Pro tip: Holed up beyond the RGV or San Antonio? Delia’s has a mail order business, shipping frozen tamales to your door. The website includes handy and appropriate reheating instructions (a comal is the way to go).

Note: Review reflects COVID-19 protocols in place at the time of visit.