In Japanese, “shabu-shabu” means “swish-swish.” It’s both the sound of tasty slices of raw meat, seafood, and vegetables being swirled in bubbling broth and also the type of restaurant that serves them. You grab the edibles with your chopsticks and dip dip dip them in the hot pot on your cleverly designed table. Then you douse douse douse them in the various sauces provided (thin, bright ponzu; thick, nutty sesame; several more). Finally, you pop pop pop them in your mouth. We loved our wagyu beef and pristine scallop, but the stars of the show were the chicken meatballs and pot pockets (think dumplings). Sinewy pork was the one disappointment. You can order à la carte, but the omakase tasting menu is fun and starts at a very reasonable $45. Upscale and dimly lit, DipDipDip comes from the fevered imagination of chef-owner Tatsu Aikawa, the power behind Ramen Tatsu-Ya and Kemuri Tatsu-Ya.